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Pock Race Trainer give you the chance to learn from trainers, ghosts, AI or other racers of Project CARS. It allows monitoring, recording and replay of race sessions, analyse telemetry data, listen co-driver instructions and much more. If you like you can customize the layout to your personal needs. Race Trainer is a windows application and works with the PC and console versions of Project CARS.


System requirement:

  • Windows 7 – 10
  • .NET Framework 4.5


Connection with Project CARS:

Pock Race Trainer will establish a connection automatically. If the connection to Project CARS is not available you see the following icon:


If the connection is established you see the following icon:


You only have to adjust the appropriate setting in Project CARS.

PC version of Project CARS:

The PC version uses Shared Memory. This setting have to be set to true. In Project CARS 1 you find this setting in <Options and Help | Visuals | Hardware>. In Project CARS 2 you find this setting in <Options | System>. In PCars2 you have to use option <Project CARS 1> for using the Shared Memory.

Console version of Project CARS (PS4, XBOX ONE):

The console version uses UDP. This setting have to be set to a value between 1 and 5. In Project CARS you find this setting in <Options and Help | Gameplay> at the bottom left corner. In Project CARS 2 you find this setting in <Options | System>. In PCars2 you have to use option <Project CARS 1> for using the UDP version.

Sometimes the usage of UDP requires changes to your network configuration. In the Project Cars forum exists an How-To thread: HowTo Companion App UDP Streaming

Track map control:

With the track map control you have the following possibilities:

  • Align the track always with the racer (Drive View)
  • Keep the track layout in one orientation (Top View)
  • Scale the track to the size you like (Zoom slider)
  • Show brake information in the race line of racer and trainer.
  • Find your greatest gaps or lead (gap analysis) related to the trainer lap:
    • Track Slider: you can restrict the range of the tracks.
    • Gap Slider: you set the percentage by which the gaps are calculated
      • Example: A racer is 5 seconds slower than the trainer. If you set the gap slider to the value of 10% all gaps are represented where one gap is at least slower than 0.5 seconds.
  • Audio feedback – Co-driver instructions
    • Co-driver instructions of brake, throttle, gears
    • Configurable prediction of co-driver instructions
      • Explanation: With the audio forecast feature you can choose between time or distance ahead setting. Here you can select a prediction interval. In this way you will hear the co-driver instructions before they actually happen (related to your setting).
    • Use your own co-driver audio files

Telemetry data:

In Race and Replay mode you can analyse the following telemetry data for racers and stored trainer laps:

  • accelerator
  • brake
  • distance
  • gear
  • km/h
  • racing line
  • RPM
  • steering
  • time


Operation modes of Pock Race Trainer:


Race Trainer has the three different operation modes Race, Replay, Monitor.

The following sections describes the different operation modes in detail:


A manual selection of the track is not necessary. This is done automatically from the track you are using in Project CARS. In the settings dialog the track layout can be switched between Top or Drive View.
In the track layout you can show gaps or brake information in the race line. In Race mode the gaps are always calculated from your last lap and the used trainer lap. Co-driver instructions (audio feedback) from the trainer lap are also possible. This can be configured in the settings dialog.

 Here you can choose different trainers:


If you are using a trainer you can choose between different trainer types:

top_trainer    Stored Trainer lap (Top Trainer)

ghost_ai_mp    Ghost, AI, Online Multiplayer

If you use AI, ghost, or other players only the race line and the time are available.

Ghosts from Project CARS:

You can find a really large amount of ghost laps in Project CARS where you can analyse the race line in Race Trainer. For demonstration 50 ghosts laps are available (one ghost per track). If you use ghosts their laps are stored locally and these laps are also available in replay. The ghosts in Project CARS are ideally suited for comparing your race line with the race line of the ghost.

AI, other player from Project CARS:

During offline or online races one race member is selected where you can view the race line.



With this mode you can select a track for analysing your laps in detail. Optionally you can select a trainer to compare your lap with the lap of the trainer.

Choose tracks:



Choose racer lap:



Choose trainer lap:



In replay mode you have beside the simple start / pause / stop buttons the following features available:
  • Do the replay in slow motion for detail analysis
  • Get an overview of the lap with the fast forward feature
  • Use the replay slider to switch to any position you like.
You can not only compare your lap with the selected trainer lap. It is also possible to compare two different trainer laps. Every lap can be selected as trainer lap. You can filter either your own racer laps or all laps:
For your own laps and for the uploaded laps from other players you have the already mentioned telemetry data available.
For <Ghost/AI/MP> only the racing line and time information is currently available. It can be very interesting to use a ghost as trainer, because the racing line of ghosts are from the best racers. In this way you can compare your own race line with the race line of a time trial ghost.
You can do both, sometimes use a ghost and sometimes use a stored trainer lap. If a stored trainer lap is selected you can synchronize the lap either by time or by distance.
With Ghost / AI / Multiplayer only time synchronization exists:
Time Synchronization: Racer and Trainer are always in accordance with the time. Section analysis is also possible.
Distance Syndication: Racer and Trainer are always in accordance with the distance.



You can simple monitor your race and training sessions. If you want you can display  additional timing and distance information from the other race members. Some information is calculated by Race Trainer. It’s a known issue that this calculation doesn’t work for all available tracks.



Clicking on the menu icon:   menu_information  you can find the following features:


Settings: Here you find the various settings of Race Trainer.


Customize Layout: You can customize the layout of Race Trainer.


Guide for layout customization:
Layout  => AddInControls: Here you can add or remove the control groups
Layout  => Edit Size: Here you can change the size of the application
Layout  => MoveControls:

=> Press right mouse button on a grey control group – move control group – release right mouse button
=> Press left mouse button on the red border and resize the control group
=> Double click mouse button on a grey control group – enter position and size of control group

Layout => Save Layout: Save your layout changes
Layout => Reset Layout: Restore default layout
Layout => Stay on Top: Set Race Trainer to be the foreground application.
Layout => Show FPS: Show the Frame per second in the upper right corner

Organize Laps: You can view what laps are available. You can also delete laps.

Licence: Here you can buy and enter a licence key for Pock Race Trainer


User Manual: Open the user manual in a web browser.

About POCK Race Trainer: Contact information of Race Trainer

Exit: Leave Race Trainer


I’m looking forward to your feedback to improve this user manual.