Content of Race Trainer 3.5.0:

  • Improve your racing skills by learning from other players, ghosts or AI’s
  • Racing, Monitoring and Replay mode
  • Telemetry data are available for Racer and Trainer
  • Audio feedback, co-driver instructions for brake, throttle and gears
  • Analyse laps in many different ways:
    • 65 available race tracks
    • 450 available trainer laps from more than 100 different trainers
    • Time or distance synchronization switch
    • Track section analysis
    • Track zooming
    • Slow motion analysis
    • Fast forward of replays
    • Top or driving view of tracks
    • Monitor mode for all participants of a session
    • Gap and lead analysis
    • Usage of PCars1 or PCars2 trainer laps
  • Knowing the origin of the trainer laps (PC, Console)
  • Trainer change within one lap
  • Customize layout
    • add or remove racing controls
    • movable and resizable racing controls
  • Environment
    • Support of Project CARS 1, Project CARS 2 on PC, PS4, XBOX One
    • API support: Shared Memory PCars1, Shared Memory PCars2, UDP PCars1
    • Windows Application


Pock Racer Trainer 3.5

Important: You can try the full version until 15.07.2018. For an unlimited use of Race Trainer please buy a licence key.

Help:           User manual


  • Installation: download and extract the provided link
  • Content of Demo version: Race and Monitor mode
  • Content of Full version: Replay mode (need licence key)
  • Validity of V 3.5.0: Full version: unlimited, Demo version: expires 15. July 2018
  • Price of V 3.5.0: Full version: 5.50 EUR, Demo version: Free
  • Requirement: .NET Framework 4.5
  • Own audio files: In folder <data> you can replace the audio files with the files of your choice.
Some pictures from version 3.5.0:









How can you obtain a licence for a full version:

A licence key is valid for all your windows devices when you buy a key. Here you can enter a licence key in Pock Racer Trainer:


After you have bought a licence, you’ll get the licence key to your e-mail address, that you’ve provided with the payment transaction (usually within one day).


 Contact: pockracetrainer@gmx.at


This site and the hosted software has no affiliation with Slightly Mad Studios or Project CARS.


15 thoughts on “

      • The demo version is free, you can try track “Brno”. The full version costs 5.50 EUR. It is working with Project Cars 2 too, but you have to use the setting “Project CARS 1” in the options.


      • thanks! I’m using the trial version. race mode works well but can’t see my tracks in Repay mode. Do I need a licence key for that? Or otherwise how do you save your tracks?


      • The demo version includes the complete functionality for the track Brno. If you doesn’t find your laps in the lap list, they are not saved. Race Trainer saves only clean laps. Some reasons why the lap can not be saved are: Run over the track limits, drive through the box, unstable network connection, …
        You can find all saved laps in the folder “TrackData \ RaceLine”. In the main folder you will find a logfile “PockRaceTrainerLog.txt”. There you will find details why a lap is not valid and therefore not saved.


      • The main purpose of Race Trainer is to become a better driver. 🙂
        In “Race” mode, you can choose a trainer and while you are playing PCars the trainer drives always alongside you . Thus you can see the racing line of the trainer and when the trainer brakes or accelerates. Furthermore you see with which gear the trainer race the different curves.


  1. thanks for the quick reaction with the licence! are you planning to add more tracks? I’m playing on DirtFish but can’t find any ghosts.


    • For the next version of Race Trainer I have recorded 15 tracks that does not exist in PCars1. I have recorded classic racetracks, rally tracks are not included.
      I am still waiting with the deployment of the new version because I want to include support for the new API version of PCars2.
      This API version is not final, I’m hoping that some basic telemetry data of other players are included with PCars2 API version.


      • Hey Pock
        I’ve a question: how comes that laps that I’ve done while racing (and the racing feature of you App works fine) do not appear in the replay when I select ‘My Laps’? Does it only save the Time Trial laps?


  2. Clean laps you have done during racing should also be saved. I’m not sure if this works on every case. If there are a lot of opponents in a race session, it depends on the quality of the UDP stream. I’ve few questions about that: Do you use Shared Memory or UDP settings? Does this happen in offline or online race sessions? How many opponents are in a race session?

    Normally the logfile stores the information why saving does not work.


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