Content of Race Trainer 3.0.2:

  • Improve your racing skills by training with ghosts, AI’s and online members
  • Monitoring and recording of Race sessions, Time Trials, Community Events …
  • Telemetry data are available for Racer and Trainer
  • Analyze laps in many different ways:
    • 50 available race tracks
    • 340 available trainer laps from more than 100 different trainers
    • Time or distance synchronization switch
    • Track zooming
    • Slow motion analyzing
    • Fast forward of replays
    • Top or driving view of tracks
    • monitor mode for race overview
    • Gap detection for race and replay
  • Knowing the origin of the trainer laps (PC, Console)
  • New in 3.0.2: Brake line is displayed in track map control
  • New in 3.0.2: Trainer change within one lap
  • New in 3.0.2: Race mode: Time and Distance mode available
  • New in 3.0.2: Better support of touch screens
  • Customize layout
    • add or remove control Groups
    • movable and resizable control Groups
  • Environment
    • Support of Project CARS on PC, PS4, XBox One
    • Windows Application


Pock Racer Trainer 3.0

Pock Racer Trainer 3.0 Update 2


Installation of Update 2: Close Race Trainer and unzip all files into main folder of Race Trainer. Choose <overwrite> for all files.
Important: Race Trainer 3.0 is a prerequisite for this update, so please do not delete the version 3.0, the update does not work alone.


Help:           User manual


  • Installation: download and extract the provided link
  • Content of Demo version: Silverstone National
  • Content of Full version: 50 track layouts are available (need licence key)
  • Validity of V 3.0: Full version: unlimited, Demo version: expires 1. July 2017
  • Price of V 3.0: Full version: 5.50 EUR, Demo version: Free
  • Requirement: .NET Framework 4.5
Some pictures from version 3.0.2 (3.0):

Race & Replay:


Monitoring race sessions:


Customized layout:


Gap detection:


How can you obtain  a licence for full version:

A licence key is valid for the device where you buy the key. Here you can buy and enter a licence key in Pock Racer Trainer:


After you have bought a licence, you’ll get the licence key to your e-mail address, that you’ve provided with the payment transaction (usually within one day).


 Contact: pockracetrainer@gmx.at


This site and the hosted software has no affiliation with Slightly Mad Studios or Project CARS.